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Working at height has always been a big issue in health and safety terms. Many accidents occur because of unsuitable or poorly maintained access systems are used or there is a lack of supervision and supervisory staff turn a blind eye to bad working practises. Often the situations could have been avoided if the work was properly planned and supervised. We provide special guidelines for organizations to follow while working at height. We also provide thorough inspection and certification for your scaffolding. Our process is quite simple and effective for achieving and maintaining ‘zero incident’ every year.

Guard rails

When you can, use railing. Railing is a form of passive protection, the easiest and most recommended way to keep your workers safe while achieving compliance.

Use Proper PPE and Inspect Every time

If you’re going to use Personal Fall Arrest Systems (PFAS), you need to ensure you’re choosing the proper equipment. However, PPE should be inspected by the user prior to every use.

Fulfill Fall Protection Requirement

You can wear all the fall protection equipment in the world, but if it fails to engage before you hit something, it’s pointless. This may sound like a "common sense" statement, but you’d be surprised at how easy it is to get this part wrong.

Train, Train and Train..

Safely working at height requires proper training, focus, and the right safety precautions to be in place. Taking shortcuts and becoming complacent can lead to serious injury or fatal accidents. To learn more about what steps you can take to mitigate your fall hazards, contact our team of fall safety experts for a free consultation.

Work At Height

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