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You know that in order for your business to be productive and efficient safety must come first. That’s why we’ve made it easy to help you enforce Safety and Compliance.

Safety audits are carried out to assess health and safety processes on work sites, considering; legislative requirements, industry best practice, and the contractor’s own health and safety management systems. We have a 5 steps to a successful Site Safety Audit:

Preparing for an Audit

Before starting, it is crucial to determine who will perform the audit and what the team will be auditing.

Conduct the Audit

Audits help companies assess and improve their processes and plans, which should improve employee safety.

Create an Audit Report and Recommended Actions

After the audit, we compile all notes into a report that summarizes findings.

Set Corrective Action Priorities

After prioritizing the items, we typically assigns tasks as well as completion and review dates. We also outline how completed tasks should be recorded so items can be reviewed during future audits.

Publish Audit Results

Employees like to know what’s going well and where improvements will happen. Sharing audit results in common areas or other appropriate venues encourages transparency and lets workers see the status of safety in their facility.

Safety Audit

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