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Each Personal Protective Equipment is designed with a specific purpose in mind to keep the worker safe from hazards. The most commonly used PPE includes Safety Shoes, Safety Spectacles, Chemical & Dust Goggles, Face Shield Visor & Headgear, Ear Plugs & Ear Defender, Face Mask, Disposable Respirators, Welding Helmet, Welding Glasses, Safety Helmet, Scaffolding Tags, Full Body Safety Harness, Fall Arresting Devices, Rescue Winches, Tripods, Lifting Equipment, Eye Wash Stations, Coveralls (Polyester/Cotton & Cotton), Work Uniforms (Cotton & Polyester /Cotton), Disposable Coveralls, Gloves (PVC Dotted, Leather Rigger & Welding), High Visibility Reflective Vest etc. We make sure that your workers is using the proper and correct PPE for the job.

Correct PPE for the Job

Workers needs a guidelines to know that they are using the correct PPEs. Sometime, they show carelessness to the PPE that is most important in saving their lives. We ensure that they use the correct PPE for their job through our established guidelines.

PPE Support

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