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Every organization has a legal duty to provide competent health and safety support to their staffs. This process can sometimes be costly and require a huge level of competency. TPR Projects can help you to outsource your health and safety service due to a corporate policy or reorganization or to cut costs within your company. Alternatively, you may be aware that other companies outsource their Health and Safety services and you are interested in the benefits of doing this yourselves.

Below listed are some of the health and safety services tailored to suit your requirements.

Health And Safety Consultancy

We provide a variety of health and safety consultancy services to help you meet and understand its legal obligations.

Risk Assessments

At TPR Projects, we analyze the risks involved in the execution process. We also provide LMRA (last minute risk assessment) services for zero incidents.

Fire Risk Assessments

The aim of our fire risk assessment service is to identify the fire hazards and eliminate or reduce the risk of those hazards causing harm to as low as reasonable. Our competent staff examines and provide you a comprehensive report.

Policies And Procedures

We help you create your company policies and set procedures in place that are beneficial for you and your team at the same time.

Accident And Incident Investigations

We give importance to the detail. Our team is capable of investigating the incidents and compile a detailed report for you take actions accordingly and prevent it from happening again.

Site Support

We provide manpower for on-site Health and Safety support.

Enforcement Support And Guidance

Our team will make sure that the procedures are being followed and provide guidance for improvements.

Driver And Fleet Safety

We provide specialized trainings for your drivers and fleet's safety.

Contractor Management

We can manage your contractors on your behalf to keep you engaged and more focused towards growing your business.


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